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Andreas Nöthen

Work: Mobile Lead AXA


Private: Augmented Reality Developer



Here are some of my private projects without augmented reality.




The Pconfy project was created in cooperation with Fin Nöthen. The aim was to build a community that shared PC configurations. Everyone can create their own configuration and these can be rated and commented on by other community members. All components come from the Amazon Product Advertising API.

The price of a configuration is updated at time intervals and price alarms could be set. The project consists of a website where the best configurations are shared and as well as an Android app for the community.

It was created with AWS Amplify. Unfortunately, Amazon has changed the terms and conditions for using the Product Promotion API. By restricting access to the API, the app did not work anymore for a large number of users. Thus, the project was canceled. 

Meeting Radar


The iOS app Meeting Radar allows you to swiftly organize meetings in your environment. Special Foursquare POIs can be selected as meeting points to start a meeting there.

For a meeting you only have to give a topic and a period of time. Participants can register via LinkedIn, Google or Facebook. In this way, other participants could get an idea of ​​the other participants in advance.

Since the user group remained too small, the project was canceled.


Mobilbranche 2013

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