Hotels Now!

Hotels Now! for iPhone,Android, Ovi and BlackBerry
Book on the move with Hotels Now! – simply and easily. You have permanent access to around 250,000 hotels around the world, ensuring you can find the right hotel – even when on the move.
Hotels Now! is a layer in the Layar app. Layar is a geo based augmented reality app. Load Layar from the store, search for the layer “HRS” in Layar and start the service.
Hotels Now! is currently available in 4 languages. English, German, French and Chinese (simple) You can find an easy-to-follow demonstration of the solution.
Key functions:

  • Look at hotels Find the available hotels in your immediate proximity in the camera image.
  • Book spontaneously Book a room for the coming night simply and easily.
  • Assess hotel locations Have hotels displayed on the map and find a hotel just where you need one.
  • Search by chain or hotel name Filter your hotel search for particular hotels or hotel chains.


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Watch the video from Hotels Now! on YouTube.

Augmented Reality Application

One of the augmented reality applications was an instruction for the exchange of a processor on a motherboard. For this, the motherboard equipped with patterns.

Motherboard with patterns

When the application was started, the manual has been projected on the Patternarm.

Application 2
Patternarm with virtual instructions

Now the user only had to follow the instructions on the Patternarm. Each statement was assigned a color that marked the appropriate area on the motherboard.

Application 3
Instructions (German) and colors

Application 4
Augmented Reality View with colored areas and arrows

Application 5
Augmented Reality View with colored areas and arrows

Application 6
Andreas Nöthen 2001


Besides the development of the WinAR software (1999-2000) various hardware components have been developed. These included a modified CyberMaxx “Head Mounted Device”. On the front side, a camera was attached. The video signal was routed for further processing to a PC. After the processing the result was presented to the user on the CyberMaxx.

Modified CyberMaxx

Modified CyberMaxx

For AR projects, ways of using patterns were developed. Three of them are the Patternarm, the Patternbox and the Patternglove.








WinAR Software

The WinAR Software was developed in the year 2000. It based on the ARToolKit PC version 2.11 from Hirokazu Kato, Mark Billinghurst, Rob Blanding  and Richard May. It extended the ARToolKit with a GUI (Graphical User Interface) and some new features to configure Augmented Reality applications. WinAR was free for download on until 2003.

WinAR Features:

  • Windows GUI for configurations
  •  AVI-Import
  •  Pattern Viewer
  •  3DS-Importer, 3DS-Viewer
  •  Enable Textures



1.    Creation of the current record
2.    Video Options
3.    Window and color features
4.    AVI parameter
5.    Pattern Options
6.    3D-Object Options
7.    Start the application


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