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AR Shooter


Proof of Concept

This is a proof of concept for building an Augmented Reality Shooter with ARKit. This is a prototype only and still far away from a fully implemented and tested App. Also, the headset solution has room for improvement, especially in regards to the user experience. However, the work should offer a straightforward way to get experience with ARKit until a perfect headset is readily available.

AR Whiteboard


Proof of Concept

Working from home seems to be the new normal, and collaborative online meeting tools help to make it more productive. However, an easy and cheap solution for a whiteboard collaboration tool is still missing. Such a tool should be simple to set up, easy to use, and not too expensive.​

I developed a proof of concept that provides an Augmented Reality Whiteboard to your home office.

This App is only a prototype for the user interface and to prove the technical possibilities with a lot of possible features still missing. Additional features could be manual positioning of objects and using a Collaborative Sessions to work with the remote iPhone control as a pointer on the Whiteboard.

This app is a private project, which I created in my spare time. For that reason, the app is far from being a complete, implemented, and tested App, and not ready to be launched to the App Store. The goal of this project was only to create a proof of Concept. However, it should be relatively easy for iOS developers to build this app themselves by using the Multipeer Connectivity framework and pairing the two iPhones to send the information from remote to the headset. The rest are ARKit basics.



Proof of concept of marking search areas and imaging metal on the ground with a metal detector and Google Tango.

metal detector can recognise metal objects in the ground when you move the coil of the detector over the ground.

With this measurement one can differentiate between different metals in the ground and produce corresponding acoustic output signals.​​

The Google Tango technology can track the motion and position of the phone in the real world.Unfortunately Google has stopped the project Tango, but there are still devices to buy with Tango.

The ground imager app only works with an Lenovo Phab 2 Pro!

Detect and mark objects 

The Ground Imager App combines metal detecting and the Google Tango technology. Ground Imager analyses the acoustic output of the metal detector and creates a virtual Object at the position of the metal on the ground in realtime. Ground Imager also can use different colors for the virtual objects by analysing the frequency of the acoustic output for different metals.

Mark the search area

The Ground Imager App can mark the area where the coil has moved over the ground with a transparent virtual overlay on the ground. With this feature you can always see where you have scanned for metal in the ground and optimise your moves with the coil.

In the future this information also can be shared with other users in the same area. 


XP Deus Metal Detector with a tablet holder for the Lenovo Phab 2 Pro with Google Tango. 

Combining the loudspeaker output of the detector with the microphone input of the Phab 2 Pro with a cable. The cable contains a potential reduction to adjust the line-out voltage to the high sensitivity of the microphone input.​

Ground Imager works with every metal detector with a head phone output!​

Bertelsmann Hackathon


Mentor for the project "Augmented Reality Commerce App" with Google Tango.

Hotels Now!


The Hotels Now! service was developed for hotel reservations with the Location Based Augmented Reality Plattform Layar.

Project was sold to (Hotel Reservation Service).

Computer Bild

AR Use Cases


Diploma - University of Applied Sciences Cologne

"Pattern recognition in their use in the Augmented Reality"

WinAR Software

Augmented Reality software development based on ARToolKit. Configuration frontend for creating Augmented Reality scenes. Learn new patterns and add and manage various OpenGL objects. The software was developed by my fellow stundet Osman Keskin. 

Augmented Reality Hardware 

The CyberMaxx 2.0  was  upgraded with a camera module to an Augmented Reality Headset.

The Pattern Box, Pattern Arm and the Pattern Glove were developed for special AR Use Cases.

Augmented Reality Use Case

The user changes a microprocessor on a motherboard.

The manual is displayed on the flexible Pattern Arm for the best position. 

Every step in the manual describes the used components (A1-E1) and the colors of the animated arrows in the AR View.

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